Wednesday, May 24, 2017




Stes de Necker

On 22 May 2017 the United Nations elected Sudan as Vice-Chair of the U.N. Committee on NGO’s.

This committee accredits and oversees the work of non-governmental human rights groups at the world body. Sudan is notorious for its poor human rights record while its leader, Omar al-Bashir, remains wanted for genocide at the International Criminal Court.

“It is like picking the fox to guard the henhouse, as he is still wiping the feathers off his mouth from his last meal,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch. This election is absurd, and casts a shadow upon the reputation of the United Nations as a whole,” said Neuer.

“It underscores the degree to which this vital committee—which has the power to suspend the U.N. credentials of human rights groups—has been hijacked by the world’s worst dictatorships.”
Neuer noted that a majority of the 19 member states are regimes that are hostile to human rights activists, including Iran, Burundi, China, Cuba, Iran, Mauritania, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and Venezuela.

“Regrettably, while India and South Africa are democracies, they too often vote with the dictatorships,” said Neuer.

Much of the global citizenry of the World is either (a) completely ignorant of; or (b) oblivious of; or (c) simply did not care about the looming and imminent danger the world finds itself in at the moment. Most people simply continued on their “merry way” as if there were absolutely nothing to worry about the day of tomorrow.

Many people are simply too afraid to acknowledge the truth of what is going on, as they do not want their false illusions destroyed. They simply put their “faith” in other human beings – such as our current global leaders – to sort out the absolute mess that the World finds itself in today.
Sudan is notorious for persecuting NGO activists

Human rights groups have been raided by police, their files seized without warrant, with NGO activists summoned, interrogated, arrested and imprisoned.

Sudan’s government in recent years has closed civil society organizations or refused to register them on several occasions.

Government and security forces arbitrarily enforce provisions of the NGO law, including measures that strictly regulate an organization’s ability to receive foreign financing and register public activities.

Global Politics have been corrupted to the very core and the UN has become part of the problem.

Instead of offering the world any meaningful solutions, they promote countries for their atrocious human rights record.

And the very same is happening in Iran!

Daily executions and the persecution of innoscent people are continuing daily.

Iran’s staggering execution toll paints a sinister picture of the machinery of the state carrying out premeditated, judicially-sanctioned killings on a mass scale.

After the so-called Iran 'Election', more people are being executed under the watch of Rouhani than before!

The surge in executions reveals just how out of step Iran is with the rest of the world when it comes to the use of the death penalty - 140 countries worldwide have now rejected its use in law or practice. Already this year three more countries have repealed the death penalty completely. 

Let us no longer fool ourselves: Our world is in trouble and humanity is on the brink of a major disaster. But where the hell are our Political Leaders in all of this and whatever has happened to their ability to think rationally? They all seem to act more like mad animals nowadays!

Executions in Iran did not even stop during the holy month of Ramadan. Executions are still carried out every day of this month of Ramadan.

While Amnesty International opposes the use of the death penalty unconditionally and in all cases, death sentences in Iran are particularly disturbing because they are invariably imposed by courts that are completely lacking in independence and impartiality. They are imposed either for vaguely worded or overly broad offences, or acts that should not be criminalized at all, let alone attract the death penalty. Trials in Iran are deeply flawed, detainees are often denied access to lawyers in the investigative stage, and there are inadequate procedures for appeal, pardon and commutation.
The Iranian authorities should be ashamed of executing hundreds of people with complete disregard for the basic safeguards of due process.

It is time the world unites to put to an end this travesty of justice and do everything in its power to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice.

Iran remains one of the biggest jailers of bloggers, journalists and social media activists.

The Iranian regime’s systematic violations of human rights have continued since President Hassan Rouhani assumed office in August 2013 to this present day

Something is very wrong and we find ourselves living in a time where “Stupidity defies all Logic”.

We may be in for some very tough times ahead of us unless the international community work together to put a stop to the atrosities which are taking place under it's very eyes.